DBL Information System Technology Specialist was founded in 2005 in response to the fast growth of the demands on providing IT solutions to established firms and organizations. Backed by 17 years of experience in developing and providing IT services, DBL ISTS continues to boast qualified and well-trained personnel with expertise in the different areas of specialization. Our company commits itself to dedicated employees and helps them grow professionally while satisfying the needs of our clients. Having our people as our best asset, we specialize in assisting our clients to connect with their customers, market their ideas, and sell their products and services.


To provide I.T. solutions and services, which deliver long term commercial benefits, based on our clients key business requirements.


We are committed in providing customers with real valued service and better understanding of how to access and use technology for the success of their business. We promise not only to provide technology solutions, but to listen and work with our customers to exceed their expectations.